The ‘councilor’ for the Presidency and spokesperson for the Government, Meritxell Budó, revealed this Wednesday that she recently denounced a harasser to the Mossos d’Esquadra through social networks.
During his speech at a web conference to explain the news of the new law against sexist violence, Budó explained that recently, and repeatedly, he has been the victim of sexist violence on social networks by a stalker who sent him threatening messages and sexual content.

In this sense, it has been celebrated that, thanks to the new law, which typifies this new form of sexist violence, they have been able to denounce the attacks on the Mossos d’Esquadra and proceed to the arrest of the aggressor, and he can be tried.

“Now, the law gives us the tools to denounce and combat these attitudes, which cannot be allowed in a modern and egalitarian society,” said Budó, which is why he has encouraged all women who suffer sexist violence to denounce them.

The president of the Institut Català de Les Dones, Laura Martínez, explained the new features of the law and also spoke at the conference to denounce that she, as a lawyer specialized in sexist violence, suffered second-order sexist violence, “which is the that the people who are together with the victims of sexist violence suffer and that is now covered by the law. ”

The law establishes that the Generalitat’s budgets will have to consign a specific item to finance the care, recovery, and reparation of gender-based violence victims that will allow all cases to be addressed. Also, it obliges the Mossos d’Esquadra to require a lawyer’s presence when a woman goes to the police station to file a complaint about sexist violence to assist her from the initial moment.

The risk assessment carried out by the Mossos in these cases will have to be adapted to the specific type of violence suffered by the victim and will have to be based on subjective information from the woman, the power relationship of the aggressor, the emotional and economic dependence that have, the duration of the attacks, the type of violence, family support and the existence of related legal proceedings.

An instrument to assess the risks for battered women and their children will have to be created by the Government to use forensic doctors and comprehensive forensic assessment units. In these teams, there must be professionals from the family field who assess visitation and custody issues.