Steps to customized iPhone app icon!

iPhone app icon

Now users can personalize their iPhones. Home screen wallpaper can be changed along with creating own app icons. It’s doable, using Apple’s built-in Shortcuts app. The user will not replace the app’s icons; instead, separate shortcuts will be created by the user that leads to the app. This process is tedious and time-consuming, but the end-users can have a fully customized iPhone home screen.

Steps to customized iPhone app icon –

  • The user should 1st find and tab on the Shortcut app. It’s pre-installed. If it cannot be easily seen on the home screen, swipe left until the App Library comes, and into the top search bar, start typing Shortcuts.
  • Once the user is in the app tab in the upper-right corner on the plus sign and then on Add Action.
  • In Shortcuts, there are many exciting things to try. Right now, what users need is to switch app icons. In the search, bar type Open the app and then tap on the Open App link.
  • Tap on the word Choose. A list of apps can be seen. Users should pick the app they want to customize, and a new Shortcut page will open.
  • In the upper right corner, select the three dots. Now the detail page will open. Then users can give their shortcut a name and tap Add to Home Screen.
  • A preview of the icon can be seen. In the top right corner, select Add.
  • Now it is time to find the substitute icon. There are many icon sources online, or if the user is artistic can create their own. Whether someone else’s or own icon is used, save the image to Photos.
  • Now go back to the Shortcuts preview area. Tap on the icon under Home Screen Name and Icon. Users will choose either choosing a photo, taking a photo, or choosing a file. Assuming that the user already saved an image in Photo, tap on Choose Photo, and the Photo the user wants to use has to be selected.
  • A highlighted area will indicate what part of the Photo will appear as an icon on the next screen. Users can move the Photo around until they are happy with the section marked; in the right-hand corner, Tap Choose. 
  • Now new icon can be seen—tap Add.
  • A new customized icon could be seen on the home screen.