Saint Lucia: Ernest Hilaire attends inauguration event of Youth Economic Agency
Saint Lucia: Ernest Hilaire attends inauguration event of Youth Economic Agency
Castries, Saint Lucia: On March 7, 2023, Ernest Hilaire, Deputy Prime Minister of Saint Lucia, attended the inauguration event of the Youth Economic Agency at the Finance Administrative centre.
On social media, Ernest Hilaire posted the highlights of the inaugural event. In a recent post, Philip J. Pierre, the prime minister of Saint Lucia, and other cabinet members were seen giving the keynote speech and interacting with the youth of their country.
Minister Hilaire mentioned that the main objective of the establishment of the Young Economy Agency at the Finance Administrative Center is to give Saint Lucia’s young people the ideal opportunity to pursue careers in a wide range of industries.
Through the youth economy agency, young entrepreneurs who wish to improve their enterprises around the world will have the opportunity. They will be able to accomplish their business objectives and expand Saint Lucia’s global product offers.
Deputy PM Hilaire claimed that the Saint Lucian government provide these young entrepreneurs who want to grow their businesses and turn their interests into profitable firms will get full assistance through this project.
He said, “Our initiative carries out a dedicated place for your young entrepreneurs across our 238 sq. miles to develop their interests into commercial endeavours”.
Minister Hilaire further remarked that the island nation will automatically flourish as young people do as they grow their local firms; it will provide soundable profits to the country.
“We are devoted to the development of our young people because they are both the present and the future. They require care and support in their growing years, said Minister Hilaire.
He emphasises that the Saint Lucian government looks forward to young people’s achievement, the agency’s success, and their contribution to the growth of the country.
In addition, Minister Ernest Hilaire also exchanged some words with the young entrepreneurs and suggested them work hard in order to achieve success in their businesses.