Bulgaria’s Foreign Ministry, on July 19, apprised that the shortage of specific staff in certain airports in the UK has caused or is expected to cause the cancellation of numerous flights to and from the United Kingdom.

Some of the airports that have experienced the impact have already lessened the daily number of departing passengers, the foreign ministry said.


In spite of taking necessary measures, there are still cases where flights are cancelled instantaneously at short notice.

Not only this, but strike action planned by employees also led to issues in the timely functioning of railway transport. The ministry said that the strikes at the end of June did not fully satisfy the demands of the ministry.

The unpleasant response caused dissatisfaction and discontent among the employees, and as a result, strikes were scheduled for July 27 as well as July 30.

The ministry said that the strikes coincide with the commonwealth games that would act as a juggernaut to attract many visitors around the nation and around the world. This could be considered a deliberate step to highlight the issue in a hope to seek fulfilment of the demands as soon as possible.

The union also cleared that the strike would involve drivers from Chiltern Railways, Great Western Railway, Arriva Rail London, LNER, and Greater Anglia, South Eastern and Hull Trains.

After looking at the scenario, the Foreign Ministry said, “We make the same recommendation to our compatriot living whether temporarily or permanently on the territory of the United Kingdom”.

Strikes have caused a lot of turbulence and created dysfunction in various sectors and the country. The dysfunctioning in the railway is an attestation to it.


On July 19, as per the sources, a plethora of airlines at Heathrow Airport could face disruption as a consequence of a strike done by refuelling staff later this week.