Bulgarian scientists launched a liquid thermometer
Bulgarian scientists launched a liquid thermometer

A remarkable and licensed pointer for estimating temperature was introduced at “Prof. Dr Asen Zlatarov” University.

The most effective method to screen the internal heat level of youngsters and grown-ups nonstop, without utilizing a gadget, with the assistance of a thermochromic marker, was introduced interestingly at the University in Burgas.


The imaginative and remarkable item was previously enrolled in the Bulgarian patent office. It is the consequence of hard, mindful logical work in the states of a public-private organization.

The rector of the higher institution Prof. Magdalena Mitkova presented the team of chemists and doctors who developed the product. Among them are the vice-rector of the university Prof. Svetlana Zheleva, Dr. Anton Tanev, Prof. Ivaylo Tankov, Dr. Anife Veli and Dr. Radoslava Nikolova.

From the introduction of Prof. Zheleva, the pointer can enlist any irritation of an alternate sort in the human creature when it shows up. The item is now delivered by “Unichimko-therm LLC” and is supposed to be accessible in the drug store network soon.

The Mayor of Burgas Municipality, Dimitar Nikolov, delegates of the Maritime Municipality, RHI, significant medical clinics and different establishments and associations in the district were quick to find out about the item’s characteristics.

The thermochromic marker is novel and creative because of the accompanying characteristics:

– It’s a totally innocuous arrangement.
– A fast method for continuously recording an individual’s internal heat level ascent.
– Represents quite a while as an application on human skin.
– After use, it mustn’t be put away as hazardous waste.
– Speedy visual perusing in following the adjustment of internal heat level over an extensive period, not right at a specific second – a moment or 60 minutes.
– Capacity to be utilized every day as well as for all time.
– It is a help to recognize a general or neighbourhood irresistible or other kinds of irritation in the human body and to go to lengths for treatment as soon as possible.

Step-by-step instructions to gauge internal heat level
To date, mercury, liquor, and electronic thermometers were the best way to gauge internal heat levels.


By putting a one-time use of the Thermochromic Indicator, the internal heat level can be perused right away and continuously.

The fantastic benefit of this item is that the second the temperature begins to ascend, through various changes of the applied application, with an exactness of 0.1°C, the temperature worth can be enlisted even before the body responds with different side effects.

The thermochromic marker permits to follow the temperature after its single application for as long as 48 hours. This relies upon the proper execution of the guidelines.

The item was created based on a microencapsulated shade, dissolvable in a non-fluid bio-climate. Cleans effectively with water or dry fabric.