Feasibility study begins in construction of 5 bridges on river Danube between Bulgaria-Romania
Feasibility study begins in construction of 5 bridges on river Danube between Bulgaria-Romania

Sofia, Bulgaria: Five new bridges are to be constructed on the river Danube for which Bulgaria and Romania have begun a feasibility study. A meeting was held on Monday in Bucharest between Romania’s Transport Minister Sorin Grindeanu and his Bulgaria counterpart, Nikolai Sabev relation to the construction procedure, after which the announcement was made.  

At the present time, only two bridges are there connecting both Eastern European countries. Therefore, this expansion will prove to be beneficial as travel will be eased and trade will also be extended. 

Bulgarian Transport Minister provided the information on the meeting and asserted, “The documents have been prepared. They were already sent to the Public Procurement Agency for the initial checks, and the funds have been distributed for three years”. 

Meanwhile, according to the present information, Bulgaria will commence renovation on its side of the Danube river from July 1, 2022. In view of Romania, this might create problems for the tourists. 

Minister Sabev assured to have a conversation with Prime Minister Kiril Petkov on the matter and fetch a solution which will not affect the traffic or the Giurgiu-Ruse bridge. 

Both nations have been closely working together to foster tourism as well as the economic activity in the Bucharest-Giurgiu-Russe-Veliko Tarnovo. 

Bulgaria and Romania are looking forward to the European Union for drawing more funds. 

Both countries also share a long withstanding bilateral relationship. Bulgaria–Romania border is an internal border of the – European Union. However, as of 2022, neither nation is part of the Schengen Area. As a result, the border controls are conducted between the two nations, albeit often jointly (once per crossing). 

For the majority of its length, the border tracks the course of the lower Danube up until the town of Silistra. The project indeed will assist in the growth of both the countries