EU member state Energy ministers meets to discuss sanctions on Russia
EU member state Energy ministers meets to discuss sanctions on Russia

The Energy Ministers of the European Union met today and held discussions on the Russian administration’s decision to cut gas supply to Bulgaria and Poland. Besides this, dialogues on the new sanctions to be imposed on Russia were also held. 

Since the Russian military invaded Ukraine, the EU has conducted at least five rounds of talks of sanctions on Russian officials, oligarchs, banks, companies and other organizations.  


Moreover, EU Commission today (May 2, 2022) launched a new webpage which explains the rights of the Ukraine nationals under temporary protection. 

The Commission cited, “For people seeking refuge from war, having full access to the healthcare system is vital. We have just launched a new webpage explaining the rights that Ukrainians in the EU are entitled to under the temporary protection mechanism”. Further details by the Ukrainian nationals can be availed from!7pHHRG

The Commission has been continuously working on the ground level, assisting the Ukrainian nationals since the beginning of the Russian invasion with needed items. 

EU added, “The war in Ukraine continues to cause deaths & injuries among the civilian population. EU humanitarian experts on the – ground are making sure assistance gets through and meeting some of the displaced people to see the challenges they face“. 

So far, a total of €3.5 billion sum amount has been spent by the Commission among its member states who are providing shelter for the Ukrainian refugees.  

“The EU stands in solidarity with EU nations welcoming people fleeing the war. We have paid €3.5 billion to support EU countries in offering – food, accommodation, healthcare, education, jobs and more to people fleeing the war”, it stated. 

This week, the Russia-Ukraine war will complete 70 days, and to date, more than 5.5 million Ukrainian nationals have escaped the war-hit country and fled to other neighbouring states to save their lives.