Bulgaria: Policemen suspended for slapping a Turkish driver as he refused to pay bribe
Bulgaria: Policemen suspended for slapping a Turkish driver as he refused to pay bribe

Sofia, Bulgaria: Two Bulgarian Policemen have been suspended as they slapped a Turkish driver as he denied giving a bribe to them. The suspension of the police officers comes after the driver (Muhsin Kazan, 52-years-old) filed a complaint against one of the officers.  

As per the reports, the previous week, the 52-years-old was driving back to his lorry to Turkey from Germany when two Bulgarian Policemen stopped him near Sofia city for indecent passing. The testimony of the driver further adds that one of the police officers came toward him, opened the door and then slapped him.  


The entire incident was recorded on the camera, which was attached to the front window of the lorry. The whole footage has been going viral on social media platforms. 

The driver submitted the tape to the Turkish Embassy in the capital city of Bulgaria – Sofia, claiming one policeman hit him after he refused to pay them with the bribe. The Embassy then provided the tape to the prosecutor’s office in Sofia, asking the officials to take adequate steps required in the probing. 

Following it, an investigation was immediately opened in the case, which found the policemen “guilty” and resulted in their suspension. 

The driver stated, “The Bulgarian authorities reached me by phone & invited me to Sofia to testify. I have a trip to – Germany next week & will stop in Sofia. I told them that I am afraid to enter the Bulgarian borders. They told me not to worry & provided me with a number. After I cross the border, I will call them, & they will escort me to the police station.”  

The driver, in his statement, added that this was the first-ever such incident that took place in his 28-years-long driving career. He then stated he would be hiring a lawyer and demanded compensation for the actions of the policemen.