Bulgarian Foreign Ministry supports UNHRC's decision of suspending Russia's membership
Bulgarian Foreign Ministry supports UNHRC's decision of suspending Russia's membership

Sofia, Bulgaria: The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Bulgaria, standing firm with the people of Ukraine, has welcomed decision of the – United Nations General Assembly of suspending its membership of Russia amid its invasion of Ukraine. 

The Ministry tweeted, “Last night @UN General Assembly suspended’s membership in the UN #HRC after gross & systematic violations of the #UN Charter & international human rights treaties. As @UN_HRC 2024-2026 candidate stays firm that membership comes with responsibilities. #UNGA #StandWithUkraine.” 


Besides this, the Bulgarian Foreign Ministry condemned the train station missile attack that took place in Kramatorsk. Ministry stated, “We strongly condemn yet another atrocity – the #Kramatorsk train station missile attack that claimed dozens of lives, including women & children while leaving many more wounded in the wake of this tragedy. must immediately end this unprovoked & unjustified war#StandWithUkraine.” 

Meanwhile, speaking and condemning the attack, the President of Ukraine – Volodymyr Zelenskyy, stated, “Just as the massacre in Bucha, like many other – Russian war crimes, the missile strike on Kramatorsk must be one of the charges at a tribunal, which is bound to happen.” 

He further added, “All of the efforts of the globe will be desired to establish every minute – who did what, who gave orders. Where did the rocket come from? Who was carrying it? who gave the order & how the strike was coordinated?.”

The Ukrainian President says he is looking for strict condemnation from leaders across the globe and “a firm, global response,” adding that the pressure on the Russian government must be increased now, seeing the current situation. 

“It is urgent to introduce a full energy embargo – on oil, on gas. It is energy exports which provide the lion’s share of Russia’s profits,” he then added. 

The Foreign Ministry has also welcomed the decision to transfer Yemen’s Presidential powers to a Presidential Leadership Council. The decision has been built on the recently announced 2-month truce over Ramadan and is another positive step towards democracy, peace, stability and reconciliation in the nation.