Bulgarian Prime Minister blames Russian intelligence for its current situation with North Macedonia
Bulgarian Prime Minister blames Russian intelligence for its current situation with North Macedonia

Sofia, Bulgaria: While Speaking to the media personnel the previous week, the Prime Minister of Bulgaria – Kiril Petkov, blamed Russian intelligence for their difficulty in bilateral relations with North Macedonia. 

Prime Minister Petkov asserted, “It has been reported to me that Russian spies have worked specifically against relations between Bulgaria and North Macedonia, adding that “Someone is trying to wrongfully represent the interests of our country.” 


Following the above statement, PM Petkov underscored, “Russia’s interest has always been to stop the Western Balkans from having a European future.” 

Meanwhile, the President of Bulgaria – Rumen Radev, addressing the matter, stated, “The National Security Agency has a strong immune system, and I think they are working actively not to allow any breach in the system.” 

Although, the dignitaries of Bulgaria and North Macedonia met last week and pledged to enhance the bilateral ties between the two.  

PM Petkov then tweeted, “Today with @profKrivokapic @DKovachevski & @NicolaeCiuca, we discussed our joint efforts as PMs of #NATO member states in Southeast Europe in response to the Russian invasion. We will cooperate to mitigate the regional implications in – 1. Energy security and diversification 2. Connectivity – from Podgorica and Durres to the Black Sea and from Alexandroupolis to Constanta 3. Food security – our agriculture ministers will discuss joint measures, 4. Rebuilding Ukraine – sooner or later, this will happen, and we will be actively involved 5. Refugees – our region takes a significant burden; we will ask the EU for a solidarity instrument 6.Our cross border efforts to fight money laundering and corruption.” 

To date, the European nation has expelled a total of eleven (11) Russian diplomats over the suspicion of spying for Russia, joining the league of other countries such as – Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, and Belgium, that removed Russian dignitaries from their posts.  

The Specialized Prosecutor’s Office of Bulgaria has commenced its investigation into the activities of the National Security Agency on the Russian diplomats, as per the reports.