Bulgaria: Voting to take place on DB's proposal of providing military-technical assistance to Ukraine
Bulgaria: Voting to take place on DB's proposal of providing military-technical assistance to Ukraine

Sofia, Bulgaria: The Co-Chairman of the DB (Democratic Bulgaria) party – Atanas Atanasov, said that the European country would be providing assistance of the military and technical to the war-torn country Ukraine amid the Russian invasion.  

While making the announcement, he stated, “Bulgaria will provide military-technical assistance to Ukraine – this proposal of ‘Democratic Bulgaria’ will be voted on next week.” 


Following the above statement, Atanasov asserted, “I am confident that Bulgaria will have a decision next week to provide military-technical assistance to Ukraine.”  

According to the statement of Atanasov, the GERB party and Movement for Rights and Freedoms are willing to provide their support on the matter, adding that the Bulgarian Socialist Party will condemn the decision as per his awareness. 

He added, “These are things that need to be agreed upon at the technical level between the two countries.”

Meanwhile, Andrei Gyurov of “We Continue the Change” stated, “There is a project prepared by DB for military assistance to Ukraine, we are entering into consultations on this topic, here every parliamentary group will have to make a decision.” 

“In my opinion, we must support Ukraine in all possible ways. But this is a decision of the parliamentary groups, and we need to discuss in the PG how we can support Ukraine in these difficult times,” underscored Gyurov. 

 While in a recent video, the President of Ukraine – President Zelenskyy, asked for assistance. He cited, “The war. What is more opposite of music? The silence of the ruined cities and killed people.”

“Our children draw – swooping rockets, not shooting stars. More than 400 children have sustained injuries, and 153 children died, and we will never see them drawing. Our parents are glad to wake up in the morning in the bomb shelters but alive. Our loved ones do not know if we ever will be together again. The war does not let us choose who survives and who stays in eternal silence.”