Nearly 70,000 Ukrainian refugees arrives in Bulgaria since Russian invasion
Nearly 70,000 Ukrainian refugees arrives in Bulgaria since Russian invasion

Sofia, Bulgaria: Amid the Russian Military invasion of Ukraine, nearly 69,735 refugees entered the borders of Bulgaria. The data notes, among these individuals, at the present time, around 33,516 refugees have taken shelter in the European country. 

The third number of these refugees are children, according to the figures shared by Valeri Rachev of the operational headquarters during a press conference on March 12, 2022.

The authorities announced a total of 1100 Ukrainian nationals are in the state and municipal facilities. Nearly 2500 Ukrainian refugees are in hotels.   

Rachev, further in conversation with the media personnel, cited that the biggest challenge ahead of Bulgarian authorities is to amend the model of temporary protection. As of March 14, 2022, documents were to be submitted at the border checkpoints in order if one wants to obtain temporary protection in Bulgaria. For the ones who have already arrived in Bulgaria can apply at district police offices for temporary protection.

Following the statement, he then added, “New software is being registered, and engagements are being made to run the procedure of transportation, accommodation as well as job offers for the Ukrainian nationals.”

The number of refugees in Bulgaria is very less as compared to the total count who fled the war-torn nation since February 24, 2022. As per data revealed by the United Nations refugee agency show that as of March 10, over 2.5 million Ukrainian nationals have left the country so far.

UN agency added, out of the total number, 225 000 refugees fleed to Hungary, while over 176 000 had gone to Slovakia. Besides this, more than 282 000 Ukrainian nationals have left the country and are at present taking shelter in the other European countries, other than mentioned afore.   

Moreover, Deputy Prime Minister Kalina Konstantinova informed that the hotels in which Ukrainian nationals are staying would get 40 leva per person from the government.