Since Russian invasion, over 7,373 Ukrainian refugees entered Bulgaria's border
Since Russian invasion, over 7,373 Ukrainian refugees entered Bulgaria's border

Sofia, Bulgaria: Amid the Russian invasion of Ukraine, since February 24, 2022, more than 7,373 Ukrainian refugees have entered the border of Bulgaria.

The authorities noted that these entries had been made through the checkpoints with Romania at Ruse, Durankulak, Kardam, and Silistra.


The government officials of Bulgaria noted that only four (4) refugees among all those who entered the European nation have asked for humanitarian protection. The remark has been made by a police spokesperson of Bulgaria on Monday.

Following the above statement, the spokesperson further highlighted while in conversation with refugees, the majority of them are going to live at the place of their friends, relatives or in the hotels.

This invasion of the Russian military has left millions of people stranded in Ukraine of different nationalities, the majority of which are students.

Even the death of one Indian student was also reported yesterday in a missile attack by the Russian military.

Sensing the tension of the current scenario and war situation between Russia and Ukraine, countries already have started the evacuation of their nationals residing in Ukraine.

In addition, Bulgaria has also announced in providing assistance to the European nation by sending humanitarian protection and logistic aid.

Several countries have been putting a ban on Russia. Prime Minister of Bulgaria – Kiril Petkov removed the Defence Minister of the country from his position for his remark made on the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The Defence Minister faced backlash after on a social media post; he asked people not to term the ‘military operations’ of Russia as a ‘war’.


People criticised the Defence Minister while saying that he is echoing the voice of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Although both of the countries held the first round of talks alongside the border of Belarus, reports are that high-rank officials of both the nations will have another round of talks after the consultation.