World: As per the recent study, Omicron is spreading sorely among the individuals who are fully vaccinated and have received their booster shots also. The transmission is being witnessed among the individuals who have earlier contracted the deadliest COVID-19 virus and recovered from it.  

The findings are listed in the Lancet study. The statement of the study states, “Although preliminary evidence suggests booster doses might enhance protection against Omicron, studies are underway to determine vaccine effectiveness fully“.  


“Given the natural lag between infection and severe outcomes, we await further data on Omicron for the effectiveness of vaccinations in preventing severe disease, the key intended outcome of vaccination. In the meantime, the South Africa National Institute for Communicable Diseases has shared preliminary data indicating a decoupling of infection rates from hospitalizations and deaths with Omicron. These data suggest underlying immune responses following infection, and that primary and booster vaccination might attenuate the course of illness”, the study further adds.  

The study further highlights that World Health Organization earlier gave Omicron the title of ‘variant of concern”, who possess high transmissibility, risk of reinfection, or vaccine breakthrough infection. 

Many of the mutations which Omicron contains leave an impact on the receptor-binding domain and N-terminal part of the spike protein, which might, paradoxically, expands binding to ACE-2 while eluding antibody recognition. 

Since the three years of the COVID-19 pandemic, the infection toll of the COVID-19 cases and deaths has witnessed a decline in the past three weeks. The decrease seen is of about 22% at the global level, as per the statistics.