Price of Wentworth Estate's homes to be double by 2024-25

News by ZEBVO: Top-notched amenities are among those things which someone always desire to have and celebrities are the one who live in the lap of luxury. Most of our favourite celebs spend their life around expensive cars, designer clothing and millions of social media followers and when we talk about real estate, it’s common that celebrities possess multi-million, massive and ultra-luxurious homes.

One such destination is England’s famed Wentworth Estate, which is circumjacent to luxurious residents of famous and well-famed celebrities.

The Wentworth Estate is also known as Beverly Hills of the United Kingdom. The estate is a private assets of large houses set in about 7 square kilometres woodland, in Runnymede. The prominent public figures that have a vast sum of money or are the highest tax payers of the country, are believed to reside at this resplendent location.

In the Wentworth Estate, the on market price of contemporary homes starts from £20 million. While, the price of some of the homes are sky-high, because of its location and other ultra-luxurious and world-class amenities. There are reports that by the end of 2024 or the beginning of 2025 the prices of the estate will be double the current price.

The demand of the estate has been touching the sky because its location, the massive mansions have been built in five acres of private woodland and are just a few metres away from the Wentworth Golf Club situated near Virginia Water.

There are different types of mansions in the estate, which include beautiful eight bedrooms and ten reception rooms which are featured with high-end details like Spanish limestone flooring.

The homes have been also equipped with library, sauna & steam room, fitness centre with pool, five-star spa. Along with this, these properties are also filled with billiard room and party room (1,500 sq ft), which is furnished with open subwoofers and high-level audio speakers. Besides this, the mansions in this estate have a garage (2,200 sq ft) for a fleet of cars.

These ultra-luxurious properties are unique because of they are located at a great place in terms of good schools. These are also good for the international buyers in the view of the fact that Heathrow and London being so near.

Reportedly, riches from Russia, China and Middle East either have a luxury home in the estate or looking for homes. Celebrities like TV star Bruce Forsyth, F1 supremo Eddie Jordan, singer Gary Numan, and golfer Ernie El are the residents, while former residents of the estate are Sir Elton John and Sir Cliff Richard.