Adobe’s Flash Player will be removed from Windows 10!

Adobe's Flash Player

In 1996 Adobe’s Flash Player was released, and in a short period, it became popular online technologies. However, the same technology had performance issues and security flaws. In December 2020, it was announced that Adobe was killing off the Flash Player and operating systems and browsers are finally getting rid of the outdated technology.

Microsoft has already taken several steps to remove and uninstall Adobe’s Flash Player from the Windows 10 operating system. The company from Windows 10 will start fully removing Adobe Flash in July. For the removal of Adobe Flash Player, the Windows 10 Update as a component of the operating system the Flash is permanently removed, will become mandatory starting in July. According to a report from Verge, updating to Windows 10 version 21H1, expected to begin this month, will also remove the software. According to Windows Latest, the media player will be removed as part of July’s mandatory Patch Tuesday update.


For older operating systems like Windows Embedded 8 Standard, Windows Server 2012, and Windows 8.1, the update that removes Adobe Flash will also be available. Microsoft Edge browser Microsoft has already been releasing Flash support with an update that many people will have received and installed automatically. For practical purposes, no one uses Flash anymore, and it hasn’t any official support for months. The company has stated the availability of superior alternatives and numerous cybersecurity issues for this decision.

For speeding up the process, one can install optional, non-security Windows 10 updates that will be available in June. The update can be manually installed, which has been available on Microsoft’s servers since February. Once Windows 10 is installed, Flash Player will no longer be available. The OS is expected to block the player from being reinstalled and uninstalled in the future. Those who want to have Flash Player for an extended period should turn off automatic Windows 10 updates.

Microsoft is the one company to remove Flash Player, but Google, Apple, Facebook, Mozilla, and even Adobe said it’s time to remove it.