Not a single country in Europe is on track to stop increasing obesity by 2025: WHO report
Not a single country in Europe is on track to stop increasing obesity by 2025: WHO report

The international health agency – World Health Organisation – WHO shared the obesity report of the European states. The reports highlight that not a single country in Europe is on track to stop the rise in obesity by 2025.  

The organization has asked the governments of the Europe countries to increase and enhance their efforts in order to reverse the trends. 


The official Twitter handle of WHO Europe stated, “One in 3 school-aged children in the European Region is living with overweight or obesity. Everybody Needs To Act to stop childhood obesity and increase efforts to reverse trends”. 

The obesity report further reveals that in some nations of the WHO European Region, obesity holds the potential to surpass smoking and become the main preventable risk factor for cancer, which is indeed not at all a positive sign. 

The international health agency added that mental health and obesity are interconnected with each other, and the individuals who are suffering or facing obesity possess higher chances of getting mental health concerns. 

Furthermore, emphasizing the significance of mental health, the health organization cited, “A new report by WHO/Europe finds that immigration detention can have a severe impact on migrants’ health, especially their Mental Health during & after release from detention. The longer migrants are detained, the worse the effects on their Mental Health. Evidence suggests migrants in detention have the same or worse mental health outcomes as people living in prison“.  

Obesity is a medical problem which can additionally cause several other health diseases such as – heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure and certain cancers. To remain fit, the world population, especially people with the issue, are asked to involve in excessive physical exercises, like, cardio, aerobics, yoga and many others, so as to burn their calories. 

Apart from this, medical professionals also advise people to follow a proper balanced diet chart. Obesity can prove to be “chronic” and can last for years and even for a lifetime.