Travel + Leisure magazine annually conducts the rankings among the Caribbean countries present in various regions around the world. Dominica is also included in the list, and it ranks number 8, surpassing 17 island nations
Travel + Leisure magazine annually conducts the rankings among the Caribbean countries present in various regions around the world. Dominica is also included in the list, and it ranks number 8, surpassing 17 island nations

Travel + Leisure magazine annually conducts the rankings among the Caribbean countries present in various regions around the world. Dominica is also included in the list, and it ranks number 8, surpassing 17 island nations.

Travel + Leisure readers are surveyed each year for their thoughts on the best cities, islands, cruise ships, spas, airlines, and other travel-related topics as part of the World’s Best Awards. Readers ranked islands based on their amenities and vistas, beaches and natural attractions, cuisine, friendliness, and overall value.


The experienced readers of Travel + Leisure conduct a survey every year to share their thoughts, moralities and views about the best cities, islands, cruise ships, spas and other subjects associated with travel as part of the World’s Best Awards. After observing everything, the readers ranked the island based on its beaches, natural attractions, amenities, vistas and overall value.

Aquamarine waters, striking coastlines, and pristine beaches aren’t enough, say Travel + Leisure readers, to make an island the best in the world. Infrastructure, assistance, and travel management are also needed.

By scoring 91 points, the Commonwealth of Dominica effectively outperformed the other seventeen countries on the list.

The island offers its visitors peace, tranquilly, and a variety of eco-adventures, with their spectacular rainforests and beaches functioning as a background. Through these encounters, one can enjoy the happiest times of their life.


Eco-adventurers are attracted by the island’s 365 rivers, Boiling Lake, Champagne Reef, rainforest-covered volcano, sulphurous hot springs, outstanding diving opportunities, and the first long-distance trekking trail in the Caribbean. Dominica is a perfect destination for nature lovers. The island is filled with lush green forests and wildlife.


Halfway between Guadeloupe and Martinique, Dominica is the only place in the Eastern Caribbean that is still home to a sizeable population of indigenous people, the Kalinago, who have lived on the island since the 13th century.

Based on geological activity Dominica is one of the youngest islands in the Caribbean chain, having first emerged from the sea during the Oligocene era approximately 26 million years ago and is one of the last Caribbean islands to have been formed by volcanic activity. The island is a vibrant tapestry of European and African cultures.

In June this year, Dominica earned the title of #1 Island in the Caribbean, securing the number one ranking in its debut in the prestigious travel and leisure World’s Best Awards which focussed on the areas including the Caribbean, Bermuda and The Bahamas. As one of the Caribbean’s most sparsely populated, environmentally conscious, and culturally rich countries, Dominica is fast emerging as a top travel destination.

Since the Ministry of Tourism through the Discover Dominica Authority (DDA) launched its bold new destination rebrand in February 2022, the Commonwealth of Dominica has already seen triple digit growth percentagewise to tourist arrivals in the country. This has also been enhanced by airlift via a direct flight from mainland U.S. with American Airlines.


Dominica attracts a more discerning traveller looking for wellness, regenerative and adventurous travel and, more importantly, a sustainable and eco-conscious destination. Those looking to travel to less crowded, off-the-beaten-track destinations will welcome the country’s health and wellness assets, rich flora and fauna, and cultural heritage.

Some of these assets include Secret Bay, a six-star all-villa rainforest resort experience magnificently designed in harmony with the environment to make visitors feel at one with nature. Secret Bay has been named Travel and Leisure’s No #1 Resort for the region which includes the Caribbean, Bermuda and The Bahamas for 2022. The resort topped the World’s Best Awards reader’s survey for the second time in three years in the region.

As travellers search for deeper, more distinctive, and more meaningful experiences, destinations need to protect what is distinctive and focus on quality over quantity. This is exactly what Dominica offers to travellers as it continues its sustainable and eco-conscious drive.

While eco-friendly travel may be a new trend for some, it has always been at the forefront of planning and development for Dominica. With nationwide commitments to not only minimising its environmental impact but essentially eliminating it altogether, Dominica is on track to become the world’s first climate-resilient country by 2030. One top initiative supporting this ambitious goal is a switch to 100% domestic renewable energy production as a contribution to a zero-carbon economy.

Set to be completed in 2022 is a geothermal energy plant in the Roseau Valley, which is expected to generate approximately 120 megawatts of electricity. Dominica’s geology is ideal for supporting this type of energy, which is reliable, effective and low cost.

The World Best Awards are compiled from an annual survey developed by the editors of Travel + Leisure, in association with research firm M&RR, from October 25 through to February 28, readers are invited to participate and rate the best hotels, airlines, cruises and islands.

In the most recent CBI Index Report, a rating system designed to measure the performance and appeal of global citizenship by investment (CBI) programmes across a diverse range of indicators, Dominica secured the number one spot for the sixth consecutive year, beating 11 other nations with active citizenship by investment programmes.

Citizenship by Investment programmes offer the opportunity to legally acquire citizenship of a country in return of a contribution to a government fund of that country or investment in one of its pre-approved real estate projects. CBI programmes ultimately provide a unique occasion for investors wishing to access increased business opportunities as well as for countries that may benefit from foreign direct investment to assure wider economic growth to its citizens.

Initiatives subsidised by the direct foreign investment transferred through Dominica’s CBI Programme, in fact, contribute to the island’s education and tourism sector, healthcare infrastructure, as well as the creation of environmentally friendly resorts and villas and hurricane-resistant homes for Dominican families.

Established in 1993, the Dominica Citizenship by Investment Programme is one of the longest standing in the citizenship by investment industry, and has welcomed foreign investors from across the globe to obtain citizenship of the nation for over 3 decades.