Westworld Season 2 episode 4: What is the summary of Westworld?

The Riddle of the Sphinx” is the fourth episode in the second period of the HBO sci-fi western thrill ride TV arrangement Westworld. The scene circulated on May 13, 2018. It was composed by Gina Atwater and Jonathan Nolan and coordinated by Lisa Joy.

What is the story of the Westworld?

Beauty is taken to a Ghost Nation camp, meeting other caught visitors, including Ashley Stubbs. Elegance denies Stubbs’ proposal to help her get away, accepting the hosts is not hurting the visitors and craving to investigate the recreation center further. The detainees are taken to Akecheta, a Ghost Nation senior who gets ready to forfeit them. Beauty frenzies and flees, however, Stubbs finds that the penance was a stratagem to distinguish the hosts from people.


Clementine forsakes Bernard outside a collapse in a secluded corner of the recreation center. Inside he discovers Elsie, whom he kidnapped and left in the cavern while working under Ford’s guidance. Elsie is threatening toward him until he clarifies that Ford had heavily influenced him, and Ford is presently dead. Bernard finds the cavern conceals the passageway to a secret dugout where they track down the dead assemblages of specialists and robots. Elsie settles Bernard with another infusion of cortical liquid and cautions him that his recollections are mixing. Investigating the dugout further, they find a bolted room and a crazy host looking like James Delos.

In the recreation center, William and Lawrence get back to Lawrence’s old neighborhood. They discover Major Craddock, and the Confederados have overwhelmed it. Craddock requests to know the area of a secret store of weapons and continues to torture and slaughter the residents. William concludes that Ford’s new story sees himself and different groups inside Westworld traveling west to the “Valley Beyond,” or as Craddock knows it, “Wonder.” He uncovers the reserve area and offers to lead Craddock to Glory; Craddock acknowledges keeping torturing the residents by constraining them to mess around with dynamite for his delight. William overwhelms Craddock and slaughters his men; at that point, he coercively feeds Craddock the dynamite.

Are there just eight episodes of Westworld Season 3?

Indeed, Westworld season 3 is just eight scenes, making it somewhat not the same as the past two seasons’ sets of 10 scenes each. As you can see by that finale film, this season was likely significantly more costly in any case.