Winter Elementary Education Center in Dortevto-Chepelare has been restored

The Winter Elementary Education Center in the Dortevto-Chepelare area has been restored. Visitors will use the facilities for free. The renovated small track in the "Dortevo" locality is located in the heart of Chepelare, immediately next to the city park. Its length is approximately 200 meters.

Andrea Kocinova sealed 5th spot in border cross at Olympic Fest in Italy

After the silver medal in the team giant snowboard slalom, Andrea Kocinova won fifth place in the border cross at the Olympic Youth European Festival in Italy

Saint Lucia: Students of Leon Hess Comprehensive School welcome tourists with local Music

Ernest Hilaire, Deputy Prime Minister of Saint Lucia, reported that on January 27, the cruise visitors at Port Castries were welcomed with the sweet sound from the Leon Hess Comprehensive School Pan Side

Top 6 for Radoslav Yankov in Canada on his birthday

On his birthday, the Bulgarian snowboarding star Radoslav Yankov once again entered the Top 6 of the World Cup. At Blue Mountain (Cannes), the Bulgarian ace started with a strong fifth place in the Parallel Giant Slalom qualifiers

Municipality of Dryanovo; Dog registration to be done before March 31

According to the law, you must register your dog if you live in Bulgaria. The registration of dogs will be continued till March 31. Neuter dogs are exempt from an annual fee. This year, the charitable organisation Streets hearts BG will continue the joint campaign with the Municipality of Dryanovo to humanely reduce the number of stray dogs in the Municipality

Radoslav Yankov returned with a bang in top 4 of World Cup

Bulgarian snowboard star Radoslav Yankov returned to the top 4 of the World Cup again. The colossus of Chepelare entered the four at the parallel slalom for SK in Bansko. This was also his best ranking for the 2019 World Cup so far

Saint Lucia Bay Gardens Hotel introduces new offers on their services

Saint Lucia: Saint Lucia Tourism Ministry introduced one of the Bay Gardens Hotel, which is known for its legendary service and charming family-owned atmosphere. Infused with a cultural and tropical flare, Bay Gardens Hotel cultivates a wonderfully exotic way of life

Tourism Minister Ilin Dimitrov participates in opening ceremony of ski season in Bansko

Bulgarian Tourism Minister Ilin Dimitrov reported that he took part in the opening ceremony of the ski season in Bansko, which was held at Nikola Vaptsarov Central Square

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Greek President Katalin Novak met Radev, discusses minorities living in Ukraine

On February 2, Katalin Novak, President of Hungary, met with President Radev and conducted a Deep discussion on Ukraine and Greece's national minorities living in Bulgaria
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Sofia: Municipality to clean old buildings built in Austrian style to demonstrate its beauty

On February 1, Georgi Valentinov Georgiev, chairman of the Metropolitan Municipal Council, informed that the municipality has started to clean Sofia from the scratches on the facades to show how beautiful the capital is with its old buildings built in Austrian style

Dominica: SEDIDHDEE to accept scholarship applications for graduate and undergraduate studies

For the academic year 2023–2024, the department of Human Development, Education, & Employment (DHDEE) of the executive Secretariat for Integral Development (SEDIDHDEE) is accepting scholarship applications from Dominican citizens who wish to pursue undergraduate or graduate study

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Russians willing to pay $10,000 for head of Wasim, paratrooper of 95th assault brigade

According to the information provided by 95 separate amphibious assault brigades of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the Russians are willing to pay $10,000 for the head of Wasim, a paratrooper of the 95th assault brigade deployed over the line of Control

Organic-Pharma enterprise evolves in Jammu & Kashmir

Today anyone can easily find some micro shops in countries like Germany and other European Countries to get Kashmiri-made rose oil, dried apricots, and herbs. A few years before, goods from the valley were limited to fruits and dry fruits only, primarily for gulf export
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Top 20 “happiest” nations as per UN Happiness Report

Once again, for the fifth consecutive year, Finland bagged title of World's happiest country in the United Nations World Happiness Report.  

Bulgaria: Marista 3 TPP temporarily closed due to violation of environmental standards

Due to several environmental regulations that have been broken, the authorities of Bulgaria will temporarily close the Maritsa 3 TPP. Sulphur dioxide levels were exceeded above the perimeters a few days ago

WHO: COVID19 pandemic shows importance of risk communication

In view of Dr Mira Rakacolli - Deputy Minister of Health and Social Protection of Albania stated that talking about the risks is not always easy, especially during a time when the science is a bit complicated and constantly evolving.