India: Clean energy gaining ground, but coal still dominates

The solar panels, wheat, and rice, have been lining Pravinbhai Parmar's farm in Gujarat state in western India for six years. He is one of a select group of farmers in his native Dhundi village who have been irrigating crops with solar electricity

Bulgaria secretly provided Ukraine with weapons alleges Twitter User

Twitter user @NOELreports claims that Bulgaria secretly provided Ukraine with weapons, although they did not do so on their own. The US and Britain, who covered the shipment cost, are fully involved

Conquered Bulgarian energy sector – with a horizon until 2053

The Draft Strategic Vision for the Development of the Electricity Sector by 2053 repeats the vicious oligarchic corruption model built for decades in the country

Bulgaria: Parliament dropped construction permit for installing photovoltaics, says Panev

Vladislav Panev, a member of Bulgarian National assembly, reported that the Bulgarian Parliament finally dropped the construction permit and other procedures for installing photovoltaics on roofs of houses with a power of up to 20 kilowatts

Ivaylo Mirchev: “Putin again allowed enemy countries to buy Russian gas in contract currency”

Ivaylo Mirchev, member of the Bulgarian National assembly, reported that in the last hours of 2022, Putin again allowed buyers of Russian gas from "enemy countries" to make some payments in contract currency, not in rubles

President Radev meets Erdogen, agrees to strengthen border security

Southeast European border security and stability were topics of discussion between President Rumen Radev and President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Because these two neighbouring countries are located in an area that is always experiencing military crises and conflicts, the main topic of their conference is how to improve border security

Greek President Sakelaropoulou visits Bulgaria, discusses cooperation between both nations

President of Greece Katerina Sakelaropoulou visited Bulgaria yesterday and discussed cooperation between the two countries in economy, energy, culture and tourism. Their talks' main topic is to effectively counter inflation, improve energy connectivity and provide reliable energy supply chains

Bulgaria and Kosovo to form joint task force to overcome energy crisis

During the meeting with President Vyosa Osmani-Sadriu on Thursday, President Rumen Radev agreed that the institutions of Bulgaria and Kosovo would form a joint task force to overcome the severe challenges resulting from the energy crisis

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Greek President Katalin Novak met Radev, discusses minorities living in Ukraine

On February 2, Katalin Novak, President of Hungary, met with President Radev and conducted a Deep discussion on Ukraine and Greece's national minorities living in Bulgaria
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Sofia: Municipality to clean old buildings built in Austrian style to demonstrate its beauty

On February 1, Georgi Valentinov Georgiev, chairman of the Metropolitan Municipal Council, informed that the municipality has started to clean Sofia from the scratches on the facades to show how beautiful the capital is with its old buildings built in Austrian style

Dominica: SEDIDHDEE to accept scholarship applications for graduate and undergraduate studies

For the academic year 2023–2024, the department of Human Development, Education, & Employment (DHDEE) of the executive Secretariat for Integral Development (SEDIDHDEE) is accepting scholarship applications from Dominican citizens who wish to pursue undergraduate or graduate study

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Russians willing to pay $10,000 for head of Wasim, paratrooper of 95th assault brigade

According to the information provided by 95 separate amphibious assault brigades of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the Russians are willing to pay $10,000 for the head of Wasim, a paratrooper of the 95th assault brigade deployed over the line of Control

Organic-Pharma enterprise evolves in Jammu & Kashmir

Today anyone can easily find some micro shops in countries like Germany and other European Countries to get Kashmiri-made rose oil, dried apricots, and herbs. A few years before, goods from the valley were limited to fruits and dry fruits only, primarily for gulf export
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Russia doesn’t intend to war against Ukraine

Representative of the Main Directorate of Intelligence Ministry of Defence of Ukraine, Andriy Cherniak, reported that Russia does not have any intentions to end the war against Ukraine

Saint Lucia: Drug trafficking charges, Gold Coast and Brisbane

Saint Lucia: Following a vehicle stop on the Gold Coast yesterday (January 2) that netted $2 million worth of drugs, police have accused a 48-year-old Thornlands man of trafficking heroin and methylamphetamine

Bulgaria witnesses slim purchase of electric cars, says ACEA

In Bulgaria, there are only 2% of electric cars, and the purchase of electric vehicles is still at low levels. This year, the percentage of electric cars increased by 10% in the European Union (EU)