Bulgaria: Thirteen districts turned into COVID red zones

Bulgaria is undergoing severe damage from the COVID-19 virus, and the condition has worsened to such a level that 13 districts in the country are turned into red zones. The world has been through various COVID-19 waves, and nearly the whole world combatted with the pandemic.

COVID-19 causing havoc in Bulgaria: Omicron BA-5 lineage shows dominancy – NCIPD

Bulgaria’s National Centre for Infectious and Parasitic Diseases (NCIPD) said that it had completed the arraying of a total of 165 samples taken from people infected with COVID-19 in the nation. The arraying clears the air, and BA. 5 lineage of the Omicron strain and its sub-variants emerged as the dominant one across the nation.

Covid-19 on a rise in Bulgaria, with 3 districts under red zone; 21 under yellow zone

Bulgaria: Five more districts in the country have crossed the point in which they will be reclassified from Covid-19 green zones to yellow zones, which means that a morbidity rate between 100 and 249.9 per 100 000 people on a 14-day basis.

Bulgaria reports 552 new COVID cases, 53 recoveries

As per the data given by the Unified Information Portal, nearly 25 percent of the tests were positive. However, two people who got infected by the COVID-19 pandemic have lost their lives, while 53 people have recovered.

Bulgaria not to impose severe restrictions of COVID during summer

Bulgaria will not set severe restrictions on businesses and citizens despite already being affected by the European summer wave of coronavirus, announced Prime Minister...

Bulgaria: Health Ministry suggests free rapid antigen tests by NHIF as COVID-19 cases increases

As the situation of Covid-19 in Bulgaria deteriorates, the nation's Health Ministry is suggesting that the National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF) pays for quick antigen tests specified by general practitioners and outpatient care doctors.

Bulgaria witnesses rise in COVID-19 cases

Bulgaria's Covid-19 14-day morbidity rate persists to deteriorate during the last week, increasing from 74.42 per 100,000 population on July 4 to a present 117.08 as per July 11 report given by the unified information portal.

Reports: Bulgaria’s National Morbidity rate switched to yellow zone

The Unified Information Portal revealed the National COVID-19 morbidity rate in Bulgaria has risen to 102.55 per 100 000 population on a 14-day basis, putting the country in the yellow zone.

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