Plovdiv, Bulgaria: The Street Arts Festival
Plovdiv, Bulgaria: The Street Arts Festival "6Fest - 2023" announced its 13th edition, which will be held in Plovdiv as part of the city's Cultural Calendar (Image Courtesy-Facebook)

Plovdiv, Bulgaria: The Street Arts Festival “6Fest – 2023” announced its 13th edition, which will be held in Plovdiv as part of the city’s Cultural Calendar.

Thematically, the upcoming edition is dedicated to monospectations and individual performances in the field of contemporary circus (clowning, juggling), puppet theatre, pantomime, living statues, storks, music, and street magic. The Street Arts Festival “6Fest” is implemented with the financial support of the Ministry of Culture and the Municipality of Plovdiv.


The festival events will take place over three weekends – June 11, June 24 – 25, and June 30 – July 2. Admission to all events is free. The entire program of the festival by dates, times and locations is also straightforward.

The program includes monospectations of theatre and circus artists (independent or part of famous and established formations), such as Philip Haralanov (one of the creators of the New Circus)), Dario Tabakov (creator of Project Kombino), Radoslav Stoynov (one of the recognizable faces of the Plovdiv Street Circus).

It also includes Ashton Ka (with his new Bulgarian project for living statues), Margarita Kostova, Daniel Rusev (one of the creators of the Chameleon Theater), Momchil Marinov (part of the older generation of circus and theatre artists, active since the 90s), artists from the Nuances Theater (Troyan), Traveling Screen Theater (Sofia, Pernik), Metamorphosis Theater / Dr Kuku’s Funny Hospital and Dr Pippi (Sofia), musician Dimitar Bakardzhiev (known as Shorty Sax).

“6Fest” is Bulgaria’s first independent festival for street arts, such as circus, living statues, cockroaches, and fire arts. It shows up in 2017. as the International Festival of Urban Arts and Happiness in Gabrovo.

Its first two editions are held parallel with the Gabrovo Carnival in May. Thus, continuing the city’s carnival tradition, “6Fest”, for the first time in Bulgaria, is having a festival dedicated to the city’s street culture.

In 2019 “6Fest” as a street art festival became part of the official program of Plovdiv – European Capital of Culture. As of 2020 here, “6Fest” has also become a recognizable part of the Municipality of Plovdiv Cultural Calendar. In 2020, “6Fest” made for the first time in our country a festival edition dedicated to fire arts.

In 2021 and 2022, they performed travelling festival editions in Troyan and Yambol and visits to Dzebel and Sofia. In September 2022 in Plovdiv, “6Fest” for the first time organized a thematic edition in which famous singers and groups became street musicians.