Stephen Tafrov, former representative of Bulgaria to the United Nations, noted that
Stephen Tafrov, former representative of Bulgaria to the United Nations, noted that "The Battle for 350 Acres in the Center of Plovdiv or "Mastering the Plovdiv Fair" with the assistance of BSP and GERB. (Image Courtesy-Google)

Stephen Tafrov, former representative of Bulgaria to the United Nations, noted that “The Battle for 350 Acres in the Center of Plovdiv or “Mastering the Plovdiv Fair” with the assistance of BSP and GERB. The Plovdiv Fair is a national institution, and the cause of Plovdiv citizens to protect it from Putinist Gergov is a national cause.

Democratic Bulgaria calls for protest today in front of the Municipality, and Ivaylo Mirchev extensively describes the history of the case.


He stated that Georgi Gergov’s hands were no accident. He is an Honorary Consul of the Russian Federation and a Russian citizen, a longtime member of the BSP national leadership and a local party leader in Plovdiv.

At the beginning of this story, a representative of the state in proper management is the current leader of the BSP, Cornelia Ninova. Boyko Borisov’s governments then continued this patronage, amid Borisov’s and GERB’s empty talks that they fought against the Communists.

Tarfov reported that more than 15 years, Gergov’s fight for full control of the Fair continues, and he has gained a majority share at a time when the Privatization Law contains an absolute ban on reducing the deeds of the state from the Plovdiv Fair under 51%.

But more is needed as Gergov wants sole control over the Fair. According to the decision of the Borisov 2 cabinet, there is such Municipality of Varna, which for five years has refused to comply with the conclusion of the Municipal Council (OS) to return 16 million lives in shares of the state.

Gergov’s plan is for Varna to export these shares to the company “Paldin Turinvest”, which he controls. However, here Plovdiv Municipality has 25% shares, and it can stop this deal with a decision of the OC.

After great efforts by the municipal councillors of Democratic Bulgaria – Plovdiv, this happened to the Council decision of November 24, 2022. Despite the decision, Gergov tried to enter the report in the Commercial Register, but Plovdiv Municipality stopped this and is currently filing a lawsuit against the information. That is the will of the OC.

Unsatisfied with the development of events, Gergov immediately schedules a new general meeting to make a new OS decision. The most logical thing is for the OS to repeat its decision that it does not agree with the report.


In less than a month, however, the OC made a reverse decision and, on December 19, in faith between BSP and GERB, agreed to the support and presented the Fair into the hands of the Russian Consul.

Tafrov emphasized that for years, Democratic Bulgaria has been fighting against this illegal and hidden privatization of the Plovdiv Fair with signals to the Prosecutor’s Office, the Council of Ministers and local authorities.

The municipal councillors are leading the battle locally in Plovdiv and Varna. In the trickery of the Plovdiv Fair, the biographies of Georgi Gergov and Sotir Tsatsarov are intertwined. This story is iconic for the entire history of the Bulgarian mafia transition.

Tafrov stressed that Bulgaria could not afford to continue to be captivated by the corrupt interests of oligarchs and power-oriented companies. Bulgaria cannot afford to look away as billions of investments continue to surround us and choose Romania, Greece and other neighbouring countries.


He demands to stop the theft of national wealth and sovereignty at the last possible moment and calls on the extraordinary session of the Plovdiv OC, which the councillors from Democratic Bulgaria will initiate.

Tafrov urged GERB leader Boyko Borisov to convince the municipal councillors of his party in Plovdiv to prove that they are citizens of the European development of Bulgaria.