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“This is one of the most brutal and unforgiving lies I have heard about meetings with Borisov“, Vice President Iliyana Yotova commented on the harsh tone used by “Continuing the Change” and President Rumen Radev’s appearance as a guest on the show “On Focus with Laura Krumova”.

Asen Vassilev, the co-chairman of the PP, accused Radev of meeting privately with Boyko Borisov, the leader of the GERB. Radev responded by calling Vassilev and the PP “charlatans who stole the hope for change.”


Yotova also offered her opinion on Professor Nikolay Gabrovski, the GERB’s nominee for prime minister. The vice president stated, “I believe that even if the miraculous occurs and he becomes prime minister, many current and prospective patients will lose him. She claims that the makeup of the government will make it obvious whether GERB has emerged from its public exile two years later.

The rejection of the Netherlands and Austria to join Schengen was discussed by Iliyana Yotova. “We shouldn’t casually express our own opinions or claim that Bulgaria and Romania’s rejection is due to the current political climate.

She added, “Politicians who are ignorant of the Schengen accession procedure or who have already given up can only make up such tales. These folks will never get that there are no giant and little countries in the EU. The EU is made up of nations with equal rights, and Bulgaria is no different from the rest of them in this regard”.

She claims that the border scenario is entirely made up and that our nation has been utilising Schengen tools for a very long time.

Speaking about Yavor Bozhankov’s expulsion from the BSP parliamentary group, the vice president said, ”Yotova was unequivocal, I don’t know him, but I don’t think it’s a major loss for the parliamentary group.”