''I will not get involved in the qualifications and interpretation of the word
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”I will not get involved in the qualifications and interpretation of the word “charlatan” that the mentor who created them uses for the party of change,” said former Prime Minister Borisov during the press conference.

He added, ”But yesterday, one lie was told, and we will no longer tolerate unjust accusations and overthrow them”.


Boyko noted that he was not guilty of “We continue the change”, and GERB will not be their lifeline! They let us down, and we were the first to find out they had no capacity.

He emphasizes that President Rumen Radev also denied them yesterday. Their significant coalition partner ITN publicly accused them of corruption, and Deputy Prime Minister of their government Cornelia Ninova called them “amateurs” from the parliamentary tribune and accurately explained how they lied.

Referring to the elections from 2022, which Borisov’s GERB party won with a vote share of 24.6%. He said, ”Nearly 200,000 fewer voted for “Change”. And now they are making pathetic attempts to tie us to a paper bulletin, which is also a big manipulation.

Borisov highlighted that We defeated them by more than 5% in the previous elections, with their machines, with their gold flashlights and software, with their Interior Minister.

He stressed that GERB has a few days to use their only chance for a stable government. The opportunity was handed to Professor Gabrovski to hold talks, calm passions and try to form a cabinet. ”All laws must be passed in the National Assembly at the same time,” said Borisov.

He stated that More and more Bulgarian citizens understand the irreparable damage caused to the country by the Change-private companies with high commissions that damaged taxpayers, corruption deals and attempts to bind GERB with the scams in the BBR.