Bulgarian Foreign Affairs ministry asks citizens to leave Russia immediately amid worsening situation
The foreign affairs ministry of Bulgaria, on Tuesday, September 27, 2022, called for the nationals of the country to restrict from travelling to the Russian Federation and for those that are still there to leave because of the worsening situation.
The mobilisation of around 300,000 reservists in Russia has led to the first sustained protests since the beginning of the invasion, with one monitoring group predicting that at least 2000 individuals have been arrested.
It was reported by the sources that any public criticism of Russia’s so-called special military operation is banned.
The message of the foreign affairs ministry states, “Bulgarians remaining in Russia are urged to be excessively cautious, to avoid places where many are assembling and to take into account the development of the situation with all the required attention.”
Russia has declared the nations of the European Union, including Bulgaria, as enemy states in March. Putin declared the mobilisation on September 21, 2022, and also hinted at the probability of using nuclear weapons if required in his war with Ukraine.
After two days, Bulgarian President Rumen Radev said that the decisions of the President of Russia regarding partial mobilisation would escalate the conflict and is a security threat with hard-to-forsee results.
The President stated that it is not acceptable to play out a nuclear threat three decades after the end of the Cold War.
He added, “No matter how absurd it is, it cannot be ignored.”
“Bulgaria will not recognise the referendums in a combat zone, where shells fall next to the ballot boxes.”
The war between Russia and Ukraine is impacting the whole world, particularly the citizens of Russia and Ukraine, but the Russian President is not ready to call it off anytime soon.