Serbian ambulace picks up injured childern in traffic accident from Bulgaria
Serbian ambulace picks up injured childern in traffic accident from Bulgaria

A Serbian bus had a traffic accident in Bulgaria on the Trakia highway.
48 Siberian citizens travelled by bus, including 38 children and ten adults. The Bulgarian ministry of health reported no fatalities; 12 people were injured in the accident, including eight adults and four children. one child and one adult got seriously injured in the accident. All injured passengers were transported to the hospital in Stara Zagora, closest to the accident’s site.

The children and adults travelling in the bus were returning from a vacation on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. According to the eyewitnesses, the bus suddenly turned to the right and landed in a ditch. There is no sign of involvement of any other vehicle at the accidental spot. Somehow, the passengers managed to escape the overturned bus by breaking the windows. They were severely injured. People passing through the highway stopped their cars to provide first aid to the injured people. Bulgarian ministry of internal affairs arrived at the spot with five ambulance and fire department teams for the rescue operation.


Most of the children and parents from the bus, who came to Bulgaria where the accident occurred, will arrive in Serbia during the day. RTS confirmed that a medical team from Niš would wait for them at the border and drive them to Tiršova. The two boys will remain in Bulgaria for their treatment and are expected to send to Serbia soon after their treatment.
The director of the hospital in Stara zogara, Professor Jovco Jovcev, said the one who was seriously injured was the driver, and his leg was amputated chiefly.

For further investigation, the Bulgarian police carried out a breath analyzer test on the bus driver at the accidential spot which did not show any presence of alcohol.