Around 750 Italian military officers along with 50 items of military equipment are anticipated to relocate to Bulgaria within a few days, said Bulgaria’s Defence Ministry.

The Italians will become part of the Nato battle group based in Bulgaria, which has Italy as its framework country.


The Defence Ministry stated that six motor convoys with personnel, material resources and military equipments would come to Bulgaria’s national roads from Greece to the Novo Selo training ground, accompanied by Military Police.

The making of the battle group in Bulgaria was given authorisation by the last government in decisions in March and May this year.

The battle ground will also comprise a company of around 140 military personnel from the Bulgarian army, about 15 officers in the group’s headquarters and over 40 military individuals from Albania.

The Defence Ministry added that formations from other Nato nations are also expected to join the battle group.

The ministry stated that the multinational formation would go along the national capabilities to assure the safety and territorial integrity of our nation.

It added that the building of a combat-capable battle group on Bulgarian territory is an indication of the determination of our nation and the allies to share their responsibility to guarantee the security of member nations, contributing to bolstering the deterrent defence possibility of Nato’s Eastern flank.

In another statement, the ministry added that on Saturday, August 6, Emil Eftimov, Defence Chief Admiral, held discussions with General Darryl Williams, the commanding general of United States Army Europe and Africa, who was on his one-day working visit to the country.


The statement stated that they talked about developments in ground forces related to deterrence and defence of the Eastern Flank of Nato.

Williams and Eftimov also reviewed the transformation of the battle group, which is in Bulgarian territory, as per the decisions taken during the Nato Summit held in Madrid.