The caretaker government of Bulgaria came into power on August 2, Tuesday before the country heads to early parliamentary elections in two months, during its third day in office on August 5, it announced the dismissal of Roumen Spetsov as head of the National Revenue Agency.

They said that the reason behind its dismissal was related to the non-fulfilment of responsibilities under the National Revenue Agency Act.


Spetsov was elected as the National Revenue Agency’s head in May 2021.

The August 2022 government asserted what it said was contradictory data about estimated and expected tax revenue in a statement regarding the dismissal of Spetsov.

The head of the agriculture State Fund from June 10, 2021, to March 4 2022, Boris Mihailov, has been selected as head of the National Revenue Agency.

The government stated that Mihailov has two postgraduate degrees in law and economics.

He was assigned as an auditor at the Ministry of Finance, a tax inspector as well as the head of the department in the tax administration, and owner and manager of a consulting firm in the finance and law field.

Mihailov has over ten years of experience as a lawyer in the category of tax and criminal law, said the statement.

On the other hand, Rositsa Velkova, caretaker Finance Minister, dismissed Pavel Tonev as head of the Customs Agency. Pavel Tonev was selected in May 2021.


A temporary head of the Customs Agency has been chosen, Pavel Gerenski, said the Finance Ministry.

The ministry further described Gerenski as a long-term employee of the Customs Agency system who has in-depth knowledge of customs and excise legislation.

On August 4, Thursday, Bulgaria’s caretaker government issued 70.5 million leva (almost 36 million euros) for the premature parliamentary elections, which are scheduled to be held on October 2, said a government media statement.