Bulgaria: Ministry of Foreign affairs celebrates World day against Human Trafficking
Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The Ministry of Foreign affairs celebrated World Day Against Human Trafficking. Going on their social media handle, the Ministry congratulates their country’s achievement to have the prestige of best laws in the world against Human trafficking and human rights.

Informing on their social media handle, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs wrote, Our country would continue to firmly oppose human trafficking and contribute to the stability of its partners and allies.


Bulgaria is among the leading countries in the fight against human trafficking. It has a fully built and effectively functioning legal and institutional framework to prevent and punish crime and protect victims.

Furthermore, the MinistryMinistry wrote on their social media that this severe crime against personality, personal freedom and human dignity transcends national borders and requires serious efforts from the international community to punish the ante of effective countermeasure.

Human trafficking is a severe crime against a person, his freedom and human dignity that transcends national borders and requires serious efforts by the entire international community to counter it effectively.

The Bulgarian government is well known for its stringent laws to stop human trafficking in the country. The laws of the country include various strict rules against human trafficking. On their website, they have provided information about
anti-human trafficking laws.

The Republic of Bulgaria is trying to their fullest to combat human trafficking with national awareness programmes anti, enlightening its citizens about laws and aid against human trafficking. Various helpline numbers are also issued to aid victims. The federal law system of Bulgaria continues to combat human trafficking, despite numerous international crises posed to the country.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Bulgaria congratulated the stringent federal law system of the country. It guaranteed the country to fight against human trafficking, effectively punishing the government and criminals and working for stability with its allies and parties.