Bulgarian Prime Minister Kiril Petkov has made it clear that he doesn’t see any rigid reason behind Slavi Trifono’s ITN’s withdrawal from negotiations on forming a new government.

Political turmoil has occurred following Slavi Trifonov’s announcement of his party’s departure from talks on forming a new Bulgarian government, blaming the Democratic Bulgaria parliamentary group citing a leaked Parliament recording and being called ‘mafia’. He was not interested in having a discussion and participating in any deliberations that were pointless.


Petkov said that he didn’t find anything offensive or defaming in the recording, and there wasn’t any legitimate reason behind his withdrawal.

“Some people are trying to act fake and play a puppet show masking the valid reason behind their decisions and discover new thesis and theories when in reality they should try to conclude what is happening to their money.

He said that the corruption investigation and blocking order for a billion and a half for the Rousse-Veliko Turnovo has caused ITN to back off. He indicated that he didn’t favour an electoral pact with Democratic Bulgaria. He said that had he been earlier in the elections, his party would indeed have the largest share of votes. Petkov’s told that there would surely be a coming together with Bulgarian Socialist party but post-elections and together they will reach an anticipated 121 votes.

Ninova, the MP of the BSP Party, said that they had made every possible effort to convince WCC to talk with ITN when they were not in favour of having any discussions. Ninova said that she had done everything correctly.

When I received the mandate and called him, we had conversations about his interest in forming the government to which he had agreed.

Even she said that “corruption, GERO, The movement of Rights and Freedom and the joining of Vurazdhane petrified them and they were scared of chances of an anti-corruption law sabotaging their conspiracies, and thus they pulled back again”.
We gathered them at one table for all the deliberations, and there is some other reason behind ITN’s withdrawal.