Bulgaria: A 19-year-old in Sofia lost car's control after consuming drugs
Bulgaria: A 19-year-old in Sofia lost car's control after consuming drugs

Recently, a party night out turned into a nightmare in Sofia, Bulgaria, when a group of friends met accident, including two residents of Malta while chilling with each – other on a road trip.

The accident happened when the fast–driven car couldn’t resist the pressure of the speed and crashed into a pole on the roundabout. It is informed that out of the people who met the horrendous accident, only two people escaped. The 19-year-old lost control owing to his intake of some drugs.


As per the sources, during the time of the accident, there were five people in the car, three at the back and one in the boot. The 19-year-old was warned about his speed and rash driving by his friends, but he ignored it.

As the car was about to take its turn, it lost its control and crashed into a pole in the roundabout. The accident occurred close to the indoor arena Armeets Arena at around 1 a.m.

A Foreign Affairs Minister also informed that their Maltese residents David Briffa and Eugene Camilleri are recovering at their own pace at different hospitals. Briffa is expected to be released from the hospital on Monday.

Briffa explained the incident and said she was visiting Camilleri, who resides in Sofia, for fun meet–up. Further, she added that both of them had a few drinks at the bar and were enjoying the minor party, and while they were returning, they were joined by another friend.

When contacted with the victims, they said that to change their mood, they decided to switch the driver. She said she had anticipated the accident as the car’s speed was touching the sky. She warned him multiple times to reduce the rate of the vehicle, but he neglected the warning by Briffa. As he approached a roundabout, he lost control of the car and banged it into a pole.

She also went on to say that as she had anticipated the collision, she braced herself for the accident. The friend who was driving also tried to race with co-drivers taking several over to show his speed and skills. Camilleri and the other girl could not take out of the car until Paramedics arrived. Briffa is stable and anticipating returning home as soon as possible.