Bulgaria will be stronger, more diversified, and more developed: PM Petkov
Bulgaria will be stronger, more diversified, and more developed: PM Petkov

Speaking on Friday, May 13, 2022, the Prime Minister of Bulgaria – Kiril Petkov, stated that the European country would be more robust and diversified once it overcomes the ongoing crisis. 

Prime Minister Petkov was speaking during the opening ceremony of the “The Day after Tomorrow: Policies for Growth” conference, which took place in the capital city of Bulgaria – Sofia.  


“Coming out of this crisis, Bulgaria will be stronger, more diversified, and more developed”, the prime minister stated. 

Following the above statement, he added, “We are 65 million people in the Balkans, and if we manage to bring together our energy and infrastructure projects, we should become the fastest-growing region in Europe”.  

The meeting was a part of a series of discussions in the framework of the Investments and Regions initiative. 

The initiative was organized by Brand Media Bulgaria, which operates the websites – Economic. bg and Kmeta. bg. Besides this, the European Investment Bank is also a strategic partner in this initiative. 

In view of the Bulgarian Prime Minister, every crisis is an opportunity for a country. He then added that Bulgaria is also having such opportunities and must utilize them in the smartest way possible. 

“The map of Europe is being redrawn”, the prime minister added. 

In addition, the Bulgarian Foreign Ministry notified that the Joint Multidisciplinary Commission of Experts on Historical and Educational Issues between Bulgaria and North Macedonia conducted its 19th session in Sofia on May 12 and 13, 2022. 


The forthcoming session of the same is going to take place in Skopje for the month of September. This has been decided at the request of North Macedonia’s representatives.