Sofia, Bulgaria: Bulgaria has hired former Israeli Judo coach Alain Schmitt to train the men and women players. Schmitt will be the head coach of the Bulgarian Judo coach team. 

The previous job of Alain Schmitt was lost after his partner filed a case of Domestic violence against him. The matter was whistleblowed in the month of November last year when Schmitt’s wife, Margaux Pinot, accused that she is a victim of Domestic violence.  


Pinot, who has won mixed team gold at the Tokyo Olympics, accused Schmitt of attacking her in a drunken delirium while she was in bed at her apartment on a Saturday night. 

Pinot stated while interacting with the media the previous year, “I did not even defend myself to avoid the punches; instead I tried to reason with him. I said ‘Stop Alain, stop. I thought to myself, I need to get away from him, or I’ll die here“. 

On the contrary, the Judo coach, in his reply, stated, “My impression is that I was defending myself. I have never hit any women in my entire life. IN my intimate life, I am a very tender person”. 

Although, the coach was released by the Bobigny criminal court just a few days after he has detained. The court jury ruled out that there were not enough pieces of shreds of evidence to prove that Schmitt was a culprit. 

This case cost Schmitt his contract with the Israeli national team and reputation. 

The 38-year-old finally got the job opportunity after months of accuses, penning down an agreement with the Bulgarian federation to train the two selections, male and female. 

The announcement was made by Schmitt’s lawyer, who asserted, “While Madame Margaux Pinot tried to pass herself off as a victim and spread in the media while trying to discredit the court decision which had acquitted my client Alain Schmitt, the latter has just signed a contract on Monday with the Bulgarian team, which appoints him coach of the national judo team.