Sofia, Bulgaria: The current ruling party of the European country – “We Continue the Change”, has condemned the Lukov March, scheduled to take place today (February 12, 2022). It is an extreme rally that is held every year in the capital of Bulgaria to commemorate a World War II General. 

The party, in its statement on Friday, cited, “Our party strongly oppose the intentions for the Lukov March to be held, as well as any neo-Nazi and pro-fascist events on the territory of Bulgaria. We condemn the holding of any events threatening social peace and the dignity of Bulgarian citizens“.  


The march is being held even after facing bans and probes by the prosecution. Meanwhile, the organizers of the march re-confirmed that the march would not be cancelled, although adding that they have warned the people who are part of the march not to show “symbols banned by law”. 

The first Lukov march took place in the year 2003. People from across the globe participate in the march, the majority of them from the Balkans and Scandinavia. 

“We Continue the Change” is a coalition government, which includes close alliances – Democratic Bulgaria, last election winner – “There’s Such a People” and the Bulgarian Socialist Party. 

Hristo Nikolov Lukov was a Bulgarian lieutenant-general, politician, and Minister of War, who directed the nationalistic Union of Bulgarian National Legions (UBNL), an organization that is primarily supportive of Nazi ideology. He was assassinated in 1943 by two members of the Bulgarian resistance movement named – Violeta Yakova and Ivan Burudzhiev. 

Lukov’s killing took place in the capital city of Bulgaria only. The far-right Bulgarian National Union hosted an annual ‘Lukov March‘ to commemorate “fallen heroes of Bulgaria” with a torch march, taking place in February in Sofia, Bulgaria.