Council of Ministers building.

Sofia, Bulgaria: As per the orders of Prime Minister Kiril Petkov, the Ministers with green certificates will only be permitted to enter the premises of the Council of Ministers. The act was passed and signed by the prime minister last year in December. 

It was announced that the act would come into effect from the two months since its preparatory period. The press service of the Cabinet asserted, “The administration of the Council of Ministers is working at its usual pace given the extremely high number of employees who have a green certificate – nearly 90 per cent”.  


Who will be allowed entry into the facility: 

The act states the vaccinated individuals with valid documents – as proof of their immunization or for a disease certified by an accurate copy or certificate for the presence of antibodies against SARS-CoV-2, will be permitted to enter the Council of Minister’s facility.   

Meanwhile, persons who have tested negative for the contagious virus (test taken 48 hours), with valid proof of the same, will also be permitted to enter the facility. The test must either be taken by polymerase chain reaction or rapid antigen test. 

The exceptions have also been placed for the people under the age of 18 years; the press service of the Council of Ministers further informed the general public. 

Though, the measures under this act are not applicable for the media personnel judges of the Constitutional Court and court employees, to citizens, couriers and other individuals submitting documents, complaints and signals through the reception of the administration.   

Council of Ministers building is the place where the Bulgarian prime minister works. The ensemble consists of the former Party House – the headquarters of the Bulgarian Communist Party, now used as administrative offices by the National Assembly. 

The building is considered as one of the exceptional instances of Socialist Classicism architecture & is one of the main landmarks of Sofia.