Instagram Introduces a New Feature That Lets People Add Their Pronouns to Their Profile

Recognizing its key role in identity projection, many social media and dating apps are gradually allowing people to add pronouns to their profiles. Now you can add Instagram to this list. A new feature in the app allows you to display up to four pronouns next to your name, displayed in grayed-out text. Currently, this option can be used in some English-speaking countries by editing the profile page, but Instagram says it plans to promote this option more widely.

According to Mashable, Instagram has taken many steps to prevent the feature from being harassed. For example, you can currently only choose from suggested pronouns (Mashable can find 41 options during testing), and you can switch to hide your pronouns from anyone who doesn’t follow you. This is reportedly the default setting for users under the age of 18.

Instagram stated in a tweet that it will continue to update the list of terms over time and will encourage users who cannot find pronouns to submit suggestions using the request form. While the update will be well received by LGBTQ + users and allies, it’s strange that it took so long to see the features added by Facebook, the father of Instagram, in 2014. Learn about the importance of recruiters and job applicants in the process. hiring.

Other platforms also allow their users to add pronouns to their profiles. Dating apps (like OkCupid) have introduced this feature, and other apps like Lyft have introduced this feature as well. Interestingly, Facebook allows users to define pronouns as of 2014, although the feature limits people to “he/him, she/her and they/them”. Although Instagram will offer more options, this still seems to be the case.


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